The major appliances in your home connect to your electrical panel. The panel is responsible for a heavy, important, and daily workload. Tripping breakers are warning signs that something is wrong and should never be ignored. Whether your electrical panel is outdated or giving you problems, contacting Basin Service for service in the Greater Moses Lake Area is the right decision. We are happy to verify operation and take necessary measures to prevent damage, electrical fires, and other safety hazards. Electrical panel replacements are definitely a worthwhile investment for more than peace of mind.

Professional Electrical Panel Replacements

A new electrical panel adds value to your home and ensures a consistent flow of electricity. That means no more flickering lights, burnt out appliances, or tripping breakers. With fewer power surges, appliances last longer and experience fewer malfunctions. You can also expect to reduce the cost of your homeowner’s insurance and even take advantage of rebates and discounts from the electric company. And if you’re planning any home renovations, a new electrical panel is normally a requirement. At Basin Service, we make the upgrade convenient and affordable and uphold exacting standards of quality across Moses Lake, Ephrata, and Othello, WA. Contact us at 509-350-5258 for service today!