Basin Service is your premier contractor in the Greater Moses Lake Area for expert and affordable utility trenching and backfilling. Our contractors have the experience, proficiency, and machinery to dig trenches of varying length and depth to provide space for pipelines, conduits, and more. Trenching is not only significantly less expensive than directional boring but minimizes damages to your property. Rest assured, we at Basin Service take every extra step to reduce intrusion and always provide a satisfying outcome.

Utility Trenching & Backfilling

Following excavation, backfilling is the process of returning the soil back into the trench. Both utility trenching and backfilling require precision skill, specialized equipment, and considerations. Our knowledge of unique specifications and understanding of soil conditions ensures optimum techniques. When you call us at 509-350-5258, have confidence in a job well done. We not only adhere to your directions but take those proactive measures that avoid problems and needless delays and expense. Our reputation is built on the recommendation of satisfied clients across Moses Lake, Ephrata, and Othello, WA.